Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring Updates

Easter Breakfast

Touching a dinosaur footprint in Canon City, CO

Snowshoeing Bunny

Daddy's BD Cake

Daddy and Ruby wood working on the house together!

A gal that knows how to handle a power tool.

I can't believe how long it's been since the last post! Time can sure fly by!

We have seen so much happen in the past few months. We are gearing up for summer, Ruby is starting to read at a lower second grade reading level, the princess items in her room have been pushed aside and Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana collages have popped up on her doors. Her conversational English is super and even though we come across words she still doesn't know, Ruby is able to develop the understanding of many new words on how they are used in a sentence. It is hard to see her maturing because it seems to be happening so fast. We are very lucky that she still trusts us and that she is still very open about what happens at school. We are now struggling with the pre-teen attitude. Even though we are just seeing the beginning stages it is hard for Mike and I to accept that she is becoming of this age.

I won't be posting on the blog so much anymore. Maybe quarterly....If you are on facebook, request to be our friend and we'll see you there.


Ashley said...

Hi Tara...I was so happy to get a message from you on my blog (thanks). I'd been thinking about you guys and was hoping for an update. Love the photos, and Ruby is such a beauty! If I ever get around to joining Facebook, I'll look you up.
Happy Spring to you and your family! Mike and the boys are getting into fishing mode, so I'll let you know if we are ever in your neck of the woods.
:) Ashley

Kelly said...

Oh, I'm sad to see you won't be updating blog much but I'm on facebook too and I'll definately do a friend request. See you there!

Kelly O'Rourke

Reid, Dawn, Jilli, & Dru! said...

Hi! We are adopting a 12 yo girl through AHH and they steered us to your website! We have two daughters already from China (5 and 2 y.o.)

I have LOVED going back and reading all about your journey. It has really helped give us some insight as to what to expect!

I m on facebook and will be sending you a friend request. Just wanted to give you an idea of who I am!

Take care,
Dawn Oetjen

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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